It has become apparent over the past couple decades that there are considerable numbers of pastors leading churches in the Bay Area without formal training. In an effort to meet this need the  (BST) had created a three tiered program that begins with a 6 course Certificate Program that can earn units toward a 20 course BA Equivalency program that can earn units towards a Master of Divinity degree.

The details follow:


1-year certificate program

3-year B.A. Equivalency program

6-year B.A. Equivalency and MDiv program


Certificate in Ministerial Studies

Is three years too long? Then take 6 courses from the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Equivalency

Curriculum for a 1-year certificate, for example:

Old Testament                     Preaching/worship

New Testament                   Leadership

Theology                               Pastoral Care

B.A. Equivalency in Ministerial Studies

  • 20 courses offered over 3 years
  • B.A. equivalency to be approved by;
  • BST upon approval from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).
  • Dual Track: B.A. Equivalency and Master of Divinity (MDiv

Berkeley School of Theology upon approval from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

Dual Track: B.A. Equivalency and Master of Divinity (MDiv)

  • 46 courses offered over 6 years
  • All course work recognized and accredited by ATS
  • Courses geared toward the working student: nights, weekends, and intensives (or in)
  • Daytime cohorts
  • B.A. Equivalency courses offered at a significantly reduced rate
  • Dual track the equivalent of 1 full year of shared course work


 B.A. Equivalency Program

20 courses offered over 3 years

Old Testament Christian Education
New Testament Social Justice Ministries
Theological Writing Baptist or Denominational Polity
Church Administration and Accounting Theology I (Philosophy)
Social Ethics Theology II (and the Sciences)
Church and Culture History of Religion
Theology and the Sciences Anthropology/Sociology (statistics)
Preaching and Worship Spiritual and Personal Formation
Leadership American History
Pastoral Care Introduction to Psychology

Total Course Requirements 60 Units

Master of Divinity Program

26 courses offered over 3 years

Total Course Requirements – 78 Units

Total Dual Track Course Requirements – 138 units


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