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Summer 2022 Courses

Course Name Instructor Day/Time/Location
RSCE-4760 Theological Reflections on 1619 Flesher/Griffen Tuesdays 6/21, 6/28, 7/5, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26; 5-7pm
DM-6046 Research Methods Flesher/BST Faculty August 15-19, 2022, 9am-5pm Hybrid Intensive
DM-6078 Becoming Culturally Responsive CBTE Part 1 BST Faculty August 22-26, 9am-4:30pm

Fall 2022 Courses

Course Name Instructor Day/Time/Location
BSRS-2400 White Supremacy & the Bible Flesher Thursday’s 2:10-3:30pm; 3:40-5:00pm; 7:10-9:40pm – BST Hybrid
RSCE-2261 Morality in Society and Religious Spheres Miles-Tribble Wednesday’s 7:10-9:40pm – BST
HM-4032 Preach Environmental Issues Park Thursday’s 7:10-9:40pm – BST
BS-2002 Intermediate Hebrew Melgar Mon/Thur 8:10-9:30am – Remote
HM-1500 Transformative Word Park Tuesday’s 7:10-9:40pm – BST
OT-1107 Old Testament Speaks Today Sias Monday’s 7:10-9:40pm – Hybrid
HSCE-5 Policing in Black & Brown Communities Burris Friday’s 6:10-9pm – Remote
HS-1094 Earliest Christian Doctrine Burris Thursday’s 7:10-9:40pm – Hybrid
DM-6667 Advanced Standing BST Faculty TBD
LIEQ-101 Viejo Testamento (Old Testament) Sias los martes (Tuesday’s) 5:10-7:30pm Zoom
LIEQ-201 Ensayos Teologicos (Theological Essays) Kang los jueves (Thursday’s) 7:10-9:40pm
LIEQ-604 Introduccion a la Sicologia (Introduction to Psychology) L. Da Valle miércoles (Wednesdays) 7-8:30pm Online
FT-1109 Theological Writing 1 Kunkel Wednesday’s 5:30-6:50pm Hybrid
BAEQ-102 New Testament Torgerson Monday’s 4:10-6:40pm Hybrid

Spring 2023 Courses

Course Name Instructor Day/Time/Location
HS-3221 Protestant Restoration Burris Wednesdays 7:10-9:40pm – Hybrid
HSCE-5101 Reparations for Blacks Burris Fridays – 6:10pm – Remote
IDS-6030 Religion & Practice Seminar Park Tuesdays – 2:20-3:30pm & 3:40-5pm – GTU
IDS-4300 Capstone Innovation Project Park Thursdays – 7:10-9:40pm – BST
BAEQ-407 History of Jazz in America Burris Tuesdays – 7:10-9:40pm
BSHR-6100 Sacred Texts Seminar Flesher/Dhala Mondays – 2:10-3:30pm & 3:40-5pm