Thanks to Einstein’s “theory of special relativity,” we know that the passing of time is relative to our frame of reference, to say nothing of our weight (mass). The varied and unique ancient calendars of the world also remind us of time’s relativity. We have solar or lunar centered calendars. We have calendars set by the agricultural or liturgical seasons, and still others dependent on special events like the beginning of a new king’s reign or the birth of Christ (BC/AD). Even without Einstein’s scientific proofs of time’s relativity, we instinctively sense it. We speak of time dragging or standing still or time flying or passing in a blink of an eye. Einstein once described time’s relativity this way: “Sit with a pretty girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. On the other hand, put your hand on a hot stove for one minute, it will seem like an eternity.”

For Einstein and theoretical physicists, time is elastic. Or as Einstein put it, “Time is not at all what it seems. It does not flow only in one direction, but the future exists simultaneously with the past and vice versa.” This sense of time coincides exactly with the perspective of Holy Scripture that all time is relative to the Creator of time, to God’s divine calendar. God’s timing has sometimes been referred to as Kairos time, or mythic or revelatory time in distinction from chronological time. Still, whether chronological or mythic or liturgical or scientific, all time is relative to God’s time.

Rev. George Gillespie, class of 1959 M.Div graduate, is a retired ABC missionary to India (’59-’79) and has recently published a book, Seeing: Beyond Dreaming to Religious Experiences of Light. The book describes how after years of lucid dreaming, George spontaneously experiences a series of religious encounters with intense light which bring an awareness of the presence of God. You can purchase the book online or anywhere books are sold. He is currently residing in Moorestown, New Jersey.

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