To the incoming student body, welcome to Berkeley School of Theology! On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff, we are delighted to partner with you on your spiritual leadership journey. As you prepare to engage in classes, discussions, writing papers and gaining clarity on your spiritual journey, please know that we are here to provide assistance. Feel free to contact Kat Croswell, registrar office at; Sabrina Perkins, financial aid office at; Regina Pridgeon, the business office at We are delighted to have you at BST and are happy to ensure that your questions are answered and the necessary guidance is provided. We look forward to face-to-face learning again so that we can extend a personal welcome!

On Wednesday, January 20, Joe Biden took the oath of office as the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris took the oath of office as the first female Vice President and first person of color to serve as Vice President. It is a new day!

The new administrative team faces many difficulties.  The US has still to create an efficient system for vaccinations against COVID-19, the country is still experiencing a severe political and ideological schism, the economy is in trouble, the environment shows signs of increased damage, US foreign relations are at an all-time low, and more . . . But, we have a fresh administrative team, with fresh energy, and concrete plans. There is hope!

As faith leaders in our local communities, we serve on the front lines for spiritual, psychological, and emotional support. We are called at such a time as this to bring faith-filled inspirational and emotionally healing messages, to lead by example by following the recommended guidelines for safety, health and wellbeing, and to envision what comes next for our communities. 

Let us not grow weary in fulfilling this call. Let us not grow weary in our service. In order to keep our momentum and to remain effective for the duration, we must be wise in how we spend our time and energies. Essential for vital and effective leadership is self-care. Take time to rest, reflect, exercise and re-create. When we practice good self-care, we become leaders that are effective and dependable with high levels of endurance.

The race we are running right now is not an easy one. It is a race that requires endurance, for it will be long and the road we are running on is filled with many potholes. But it is a race for which we have trained, and together we can make it through to the finish line.

Are you interested in a representative from BST preaching or presenting at your church?

REV. Dr. James Brenneman, President
Rev. Dr. Lori D. Spears, VP of Institutional Advancement
Rev. Dr. LeAnn Flesher, VP of Academics & Professor
Rev. Sam Fielder, Executive Assistant to the President

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